Key's Battery

Key’s Battery currently fires three cannons: an 1841 6-lb, an 1857 12-lb napoleon and a 4” coehorn mortar. We try to portray an accurate artillery roll on the field firing “canister, solid, or case shot” as the need arises. (Of course no real shot is ever loaded just called for as part of the show.) Safety is our first concern and we are all certified cannoneers. We will train you in each position on the cannon and assist you in obtaining certification as soon as possible.

We also have a lot of fun off the field. The evenings find us talking around the campfire and visiting with friends in other units. Most events have a period ball or barn dance where you can have fun “shaking a leg” (don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance all dances are taught). There are also several musicians in camp and you never know when a good jam session will break out

Basic Equipment

Period cotton shirt
Shell jacket or sack coat (must be wool)
Period boots or brogans w/gaiters
Slouch hat or kepi
Period pants
As to color: Confederate uniforms - you will find Butternut, Tuscolusa Gray and Gray in the unit. Union of course would be Navy Blue. Trim on jackets should be red. Sky Blue pants may be used for both Confederate and Union impression.
1860 style dress, either a camp dress, or a more “fashionable” hoop dress.
Period boots or brogans (up to 1 ˝” heel in brown or black)
Bonnet or hat
Ask about period accessories
If you are interested in serving on the guns, see the men's clothing list.
Period shoes
Period shirt and pants for boys
Period dress usually with apron for girls
If you are interested we will try and help you find gently used clothing that other children have outgrown.

Our unit is family oriented and we camp in the family garrison area of events. We focus on the involvement of the entire family, men, women and children. Women are welcome to stay in camp as ladies or to serve on the cannon and in the field as long as they make a reasonable attempt to portray a man. Children are involved on the field in age appropriate roles. Pets are welcome in camp as long as they are kept on a leash.

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